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Guest Controller Approval

        The Uruguayan division participates in the GCA program according to point 5.1.7 of the IVAO Rules and Regulations.
The applicant member must do an interview and a practical evaluation, where he will check if the member has all the necessary requirements to obtain the GCA.
    • Have the minimum ADC rating or higher.
    • Proficiency in the local language (Spanish).
    • Phraseology in Spanish and English.
    • Knowledge of local ATS procedures.
To maintain the GCA, the member must:
    • Maintain exemplary conduct, especially respect for other users.
    • Control 3 hours per month minimum.
    • The division may restrict the member to control certain positions.
    • The GCA can be withdrawn at any time if some of the requirements are not met.
    Any controller that does not belong to the division and does not have the GCA will be oriented on obtaining and invited to disconnect from their position. To obtain the GCA, contact

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