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You need to be registered?

Yes. In order to have access to all the services offered the Uruguayan Division, it is necessary to be registered in IVAO. You must create a personal account with your real name using the registration form. You can do it by accessing here

I am not registered in IVAO
You can register/join here
In that case, it is likely that you already have a user account in IVAO, if this is the case, please write to to find a solution. Remember that the rules prohibit having more than one account per user.

I cann´t connect to IVAO
Members who have not been connected to the IVAO network for more than 3 months, such as a pilot or ATC, are classified as inactive members, so if this is the case, the system will not allow you to connect directly to the IVAO network. You can reactivate your account by accessing, indicating your access data, VID and Website Password. Once you can view your personal profile, you must click on Email my credentials.

After following the steps indicated, in about 15 minutes you will have your active user account again and you will be able to connect to the IVAO network. If you have more questions, you can contact the Member Department by writing to

I have created two accounts by mistake
If you have created two accounts by mistake, you should contact the HQ Member Department by writing to (remember to do so in English), indicating the VID numbers of the accounts you have created, as well as the account you wish to keep. In the next few hours they will respond with the changes made.

My awards don´t appear in the profile
In that case, you should contact the HQ Member Department by writing an email in English to stating your problem. If the medals are divisional or rewards of IVAO Uruguay, you can write us an email to

My pilot/atc hours have not been updated
Hours as a pilot or ATC are updated the following day at 12 UTC. This is the reason why you can not view the times in your profile.
In case you are a long time inactive, for example in platform with the simulator without running or in pause, you must take into account that the system will consider it sandbagging and will not count the hours, reason why will be eliminated.

I lost my password
In case of lost password, you can reset it by clicking here 

How do i ask for a division change?

To change your division (To or From the Uruguay Division), you will have to get the division HQ (DIR/ADIR) approval of the division you want to join.
1- If you want to leave the Uruguay Division, make sure you are informed about the eventual restrictions of the other divisions.
2- If you want to join the Uruguay Division, we invite you to follow the procedure as written below. The UY-HQ has the right to decline, with justification, any transfer of a member to the Uruguay Division.

Who should I contact?

When contacting the team of IVAO Uruguay it is very important to send the mail to the correct place. The mails for direct contact to the departments are:

General Inquiries -
Director -
Help to Members -
Training -
Events -
Web Support -