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 2018 TOURS

Uruguay SO Tour

Special Operations


Operaciones Especiales, es tu momento de demostrar tus capacidades en distintos tipos de vuelo

Ferry Flight Uruguay

Ferry Flight


Te contrataron para traer en vuelo una aeronave liviana, estas preparado para las etapas? Cumple en tiempo y forma el safío

From Uruguay to the World

Uruguay Long-Haul Tour


Visita distintos lugares saliendo desde Uruguay


Uruguay Helo Tour


Una aventura única en una de las aeronaves que desafian constantemente las dinámicas del vuelo

Heading to Oshkosh

Uruguay Long-Haul Tour


Participa de uno de los festivales mas grandes del mundo, lleva tu aeronave al evento desde Uruguay y disfruta del vuelo

Uruguay VFR18

Conociendo uruguay


Vola por nuestro país y disfruta de sus



Flotando por el Uruguay


Es tu oportunidad de chapotear en los

lagos, rios y lagunas con tu hibrido 

Traveling SudAmerica



Se el piloto comercial de tu aerolinea recorriendo el sur del continente Americáno

Business 2018

 2017 More Tours

From Uruguay to the Word

Uruguay Long-Haul Tour

General Information

In this tour, with departure and arrival to the Airport at Carrasco Internation Airport, you will be able to travel around the world, learning about new cultures, and to facing dangerous airports, dangerous weather conditions and more

IFR Tour

Uruguay IFR Tour

Genera Information

In this IFR tour, you must travel from east to west, north to south, our continent, passing through each country that conforms it, in the following 15 stages, you will travel to wonderful places and airports you will never forget

19 Capitals Tour

Uruguay VFR Tour

General Information

In this Tour, you will be able to fly all over Uruguay in a VFR flights, going through each of our 19 states,Prepare to travel Uruguay 

Intinerario FAU591

Uruguay SO Tour

General Information

Dare to fly from Carrasco International Airport (SUMU), with a stop at the International Airport Pte.Carlos Ibanez del Campo, to Artigas Base located on King George Island (Antarctica) through the worst weather conditions you have ever seen 

Torres de Mi País

Uruguay ATC Tour

From IVAO Uruguay we present to you our first Tour Operator for Active Controllers of the Division, it consists of taking a trip through all the control towers of the interior of the country in control sessions that always represent a new challenge and will require ATC Great adaptability to the different procedures of each airport

Choppers 2017

Uruguay Helo Tour

You have to be the pilot of VIP passengers, owners of one of the biggest hotels in Punta del Este. For this you must take them in your helicopter where they indicate you, regardless of the weather and conditions of the aerodrome to which you are going, because they may not hire you anymore

Apart from this, you also have to carry your passengers who always travel, so get your helicopter ready, and good luck

eee Toure

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